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  • Aesthetics is a design element throughout. Simplicity is the rule of design. The layout is straight forward and informative. It is very easy to navigate. Pictures speak better than words.
  • Not all browsers show the same look of our website. When we build the website we take older browsers and computers into consideration. We want to make it as user and computer friendly as possible.  
  • We build the website with Firefox 3.5.2. This is our standard. The minimum font size is 15 points. There is a little shift of the images and text when zoom in or out. The overall look is stable. 
  • Internet Explorer 8 shows sharper images and there is an improved Compatibility View button to line up text and images.
  • Internet Explorer 7 does not limit the width of the website. You can take advantage of it to view product images side by side. Medium font produces similar look as that of Firefox. This is the optimum look. However the images and text do not line up when changing the font size. This is an interesting feature of our Home page. The shifting effect is very dynamic. We enjoy the variation. Hope you too.
  • Google chrome shows well
  • Safari 4 does not show well. 
  • Whatever browser and computer you are using and how comfortable you are with online shopping, we hope this is an interesting website to explore.
  • We enjoy "clicking" to watch the videos and view the bigger pictures ourselves. Hope you do!
  • Please let us know how we can improve it. Thanks.
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